Acolyte Ministry

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When serving at the altar, an acolyte is actively assisting the celebrant/priest/Rector in the worship of God.  This is an important ministry and should be approached with dignity, humility and care.  In all things, the server must be aware that the purpose in assisting at the altar is "that God be glorified." 

The Crucifer carries the cross during the processional, recessional and during the Gospel procession. The Torchbearer or Candlebearer is a server who carris a candle.  The tourchbearers carry a lighted candle on either side in line with the Crucifer leading the procession.  The Torchbearers must light the altar candles fifteen minutes before the service starts.  All acolytes must always "reverence" the altar, that is bow, when going from one side of the altar to the other side.  Acolytes also help the Rector with the communion.  The acolytes/severs help with the collection during the offertory and close the communion rail gate. 

Because they serve and need to get vested and prepared before the service, they must arrive fifteen to twenty minutes before the start of the service.

We welcome new members to the acolyte ministry - youth and adults.   There are currently three teams of four servers that serve for two consecutive Sundays and then have a four week break before beginning the rotation again.

We thank those who serve in this vital and joyful ministry!