St Mary Magdalene is in the process of searching for a new rector. 
The Transition process is different than the previous “Search Processes.”  There will be no “Search Committee,” and the Vestry and members as a whole are involved in the entire process. In addition, there is no “Parish Profile” document.  The website is the source of information about the Parish for both members and Candidates. 
This is an eight step process summarized as follows with a flexible timeline: 


Step 1 – Scheduling of Clergy Completed
Step 2 - Transition Officer Meeting  Completed
Step 3 – Financial Review  Completed
Step 4 – Parish Vitality Assessment (6-8 weeks) Completed
Step 5 -   Website Review Underway
Step 6 – OTM* Parish Profile  (4-6 weeks)   Lent of 2022 – Looking inward, looking outward
Step 7 - Next Steps Team Meeting   Easter Season (Mid-April) 2022
Step 8 - Implementation of Team Recommendation May 2022


*Office of Transitional Ministries is located at the Episcopal Church headquarters.  The OTM is a national database that helps match Churches and Candidates through the OTM profile.  It uses a series of essay-type questions that are composed by Parishes, as well as financial and other data points.    
The timeline may be slowed down or sped up as tasks are completed. Diocesan facilitators are involved at each step and are on standby to assist in the formation of the various documents.  By June of 2022, St. Mary Magdalene may be ready to receive names of Candidates.  Interviews could be conducted over the summer and a call issued as soon as August or September 2022. 
The Vestry will be calling on the members for input all along the way, so this process will truly reflect the community of St. Mary Magdalene.   If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the vestry

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Thank you for your prayers and support!