Vestry Update on the Search Process

(as of September 2022)

The vestry has completed the process leading to advertising the clergy position. Application for rector of SMM is now open. 

This process took several months. The work that went into it was done with the help of representatives of the Diocese, input from SMM congregation, and dedication of our Vestry.

Frist, we had to look inward to identify our areas of strength, weaknesses, our values, what we had to offer and what we were looking for in a new rector. That work was done through a Parish Vitality Assessment that included how we have been managing the running of the church through a cross-generational leadership group while without clergy, and addressing our stewardship campaign and capital campaign efforts.

Second, we reviewed our website. We identified areas needing updates and edits and have made the necessary changes. As this is always a work in progress, please take a moment to review yourself and provide any feedback to our senior Warden by emailing her at

The final step was putting together the Office of Transition Ministry  (OTM) portfolio which is similar to a parish profile. It gives insight into who we are as a parish. It helps potential candidates discern if we are a good fit for them. When this was done, the Diocese gave us the green light to post the position. As there are several parishes that are in the same boat, this search may take 2 months to 6 months or more. Please hold St Mary Magdalene in your prayers as we are going through this search for a new rector.


Confirmation and more

Several of our members went to the Washington Cathedral on Saturday October 15 for a very special service.  Nathan was Confirmed and Angela and Jim were Received into the Episcopal Church.  Rev. Anne presented them, and our music director James Fitzpatrick served as presenter for Nathan.  Here they are with the St. Mary Magdalene banner (Rev. Anne made a new banner pole!). Marion Marshall was also present and took this picture with the group!  On the following Sunday morning, we honored them in Church, presenting them with their certificates, Prayer Books, and Episcopal “stickers” for their cars!  Nathan sings in the choir, Jim is an Acolyte and Angela serves as a teller.  We thank them for their ministry among us and pray for their continual growth in the love of Jesus!  


Pet Cemetery


A small group of members toured the Aspin Hill Pet Cemetery mid October 2022, and had a chance to hear about the plans for the future. The Montgomery County Humane Society owns the property and is planning to develop the house, kennel and grounds.  Eventually, the grounds will include a crematorium, columbarium for pet ashes, a memorial garden for spreading of ashes, and a full clean-up and repair of the existing cemetery.  The buildings will be refurbished and will house the Humane Society, plus a free spay and neuter clinic.  

The grounds are open from dawn to dusk and anyone can walk through them.  The oldest graves, dating from the 1920's, are in the back, with some very interesting statues of pets.  Walking through we noted the inscriptions, the names and the sentiments on the stones.  Thank you to James Nolan, Director of Development, for the impromptu tour!  

For more information about the History of the Pet Cemetery, go to:


Building Restoration

(Spring - Fall 2022)

As we started regathering in person, we noticed and also made aware by parishioners that the building needed some very necessary and urgent repairs. The major repairs have been fixing the roof of the Chapel that has been damaged by water as well as the brick wall and painted window underneath it, and fixing some issues in the kitchen that have become sanitary risks.  We have also made some changes in the light fixtures in the sanctuary, tackled some problems with the heater and the boiler.

The upcoming work to be done include replacing awnings, fixing the stair ramp to the basement, fixing or changing locks and/or doors. Unfortunately, building repairs and upkeep are expensive and can be extensive.

Some of these expenses we have covered with our budget because we have tried very hard to be good stewardship of SMM finances. The major repairs could only have been possible by touching some of the Ginny Swan funds that was bequeathed to us. But, in order to keep the Ginny Swan funds at a level that will generate interests in the money saving account that it was deposited in, we are asking for your support in restarting the Capital Campaign which is a designated account to cover any building repairs that may come up.

You can donate money as part of your pledge by specifying the amount or percentage that you want to allocate to building fund, or simply going to our Give page.