Building Restoration

As we started regathering in person, we noticed and also made aware by parishioners that the building needed some very necessary and urgent repairs. The major repairs have been fixing the roof of the Chapel that has been damaged by water as well as the brick wall and painted window underneath it, and fixing some issues in the kitchen that have become sanitary risks.  We have also made some changes in the light fixtures in the sanctuary, tackled some problems with the heater and the boiler. Some of these expenses we have covered with our budget because we have tried very hard to be good stewardship of SMM finances. However the major repairs could only have been possible by touching some of the Ginny Swan funds that was bequeathed to us. 

In order to keep the Ginny Swan funds at a level that will generate interests in the money saving account that it was deposited in, we are asking for your support in restarting the Capital Campaign which is a designated account to cover any building repairs that may come up. You can donate money as part of your pledge by specifying the amount or percentage that you want to allocate to building fund, or simply going to our Give page.

Vestry Update on the Search Process

(as of March 20, 2022)

The vestry met with Rev. Anne Jefferies as a representative of the Diocese to review the Parish Vitality Assessment narrative.  Overall, she expressed her thanks to us for our thorough process and the final document.  She provided some advisement about a few things to consider, particularly how we have been managing the running of the church through a  cross-generational leadership group while without clergy and to address more fully our stewardship campaign and capital campaign efforts. 

The next step in the process is to review our website.  Vestry members have already begun to identify areas needing updates and edits. Please take a moment to review yourself and provide any feedback to our senior Warden by emailing her at